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DJ EQUIPMENT > Borse Cd > SL-16005 HardBody Camel PRO case per 160 CD

slappa SL-16005 HardBody Camel PRO case per 160 CD

The HardBody Camel PRO is ideal for 80 discs and 80 covers or 160 discs (if covers are not stored). With its molded duro-shock eva shell, the case safely stores away your CDs from damage. Combined with a velvet lined interior and optional d2i interlocking pages featuring d2 layered pockets for both disc and cover, the HardBody Camel PRO provides the ultimate combination of technology and style.

The HardBody Camel PRO's polypropylene windows on d2 pockets will not stick to or damage discs and all pockets are stitched (not cheaply sealed). In addition, soft, non-woven waffle panels keep discs completely protected from scratches. Finally, two industrial strength zippers with molded rubber zipper pullers mean your case will open and close with ease.

Each case ships with 2 spine labels for cataloging and a disc cleaning cloth.

- Both d2 & d2i versions come loaded with pages, no additional purchase necessary
- The d3i & tab accessories are only compatible with d2i Slide-n-lock version
- Designed to store CD and cover, will not hold plastic jewel cases

This Case is perfect for a DJ or anyone looking for portable storage for their CD collection.

Slappa is a world leader in innovative CD storage solutions. Our Patented CD cases, CD Sleeves and CD Storage Solutions are renowned for being the most stylish, versatile and durable in the industry. We are passionate about providing our customers with the very best CD Storage Solutions in the market and we are always improving our product offering. Our CD Cases, CD Sleeves and and CD Storage Solutions come with a 180-day warranty that provides the customer with repair or replacement of defective products.

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